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                      Signal Level Meter of analog signal
                      Signal Level Meter of DVB-C digital signal
                      Optical Power Meter
                      Return Path Generator
                      New digital products... [2009/1/12]
                      We are doing our best.... [2008/9/15]

                      Tianjin Tengwen Electronics., Ltd. Was set up in 1996. it is a high technology enterprises integrated scientific research, manufacture, trading into the whole.

                      We have enough technology sources, 60% of the clerk graduated from the colleges. We take up with produce high quality production for the whole world.

                      Our main production are series of  analogue Signal Level Meter(Field Strength Meter) for CATV field and series of digital Signal Level Meter and series of communication Signal Level Meter for communication field. We also produce Optical Power Meter, Return Path Generator, software, network project, industrial control and so on. We will research new production all along to fit for customer.

                             At present, more than 75% of our products were sold for exportation. Our

                      Products were already sold to many many countries in middle-Asia, West Asia, South East Asia, Australia, south and north America, Europe, Africa and so on.                 

                             We are ready to make a great plan to make a great progress with my partners and customers together!

                      TEL:+86-22-83711978  CONTACT :MR.GAO
                      ADD:G-6-B2, XINMAO Science Skill Park, HUAYUAN Industrial Park,NANKAI District, Tianjin China

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